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Our Glitters Diamond Stories


In celebration of the month of diamonds, the Glitters Girls are sharing their most memorable diamond pieces. From a surprise engagement to special prom piece, each story brings joy to our hearts.

We kicked off this special series by sharing our owner, Debbie’s touching story.


When I was a teenager (about 15 years old or so).  I was not really into Jewelry but I always loved my mother’s diamond pendant.  Keep in mind, my mother Diane, was the founder of Glitters Fine Jewelry, and she had great taste.

She would say “when you turn 21, I will give this to you.”  So… on my 21st birthday I was so excited, I was finally going to get that beautiful pendant.

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Wow! Almost impossible to choose. Let’s give it a try…1988. My first diamond stud earrings! Age 24. A gift from our “Fearless Leader” Diane. Thought I’d died and gone to Heaven.

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I started dating my husband when I was a senior in high school, the night of my senior prom my sister-in-law Amber, who worked at Glitters long before me, came over with some of her jewelry and asked me if there were any pieces I would like to borrow of hers, she has great jewelry, so I was really excited!

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Being a simplistic girl, I would have to say my favorite diamond piece, my go to, my “I feel lost without it” my wear with anything item, would have to be without a doubt my single diamond solitaire pendant. It’s just a part of me.

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My husband had passed away several years ago. Diane, my friend and Glitter’s founder encouraged me to go to a bereavement group at the Church of the Resurrection but I didn’t go. A year later a customer came into solicit a donation for the church. Diane challenged her to find me a date to receive a larger donation.

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Shirlee's Necklace small

I have a favorite piece of jewelry. It’s not what you might think it would be. It’s not a big diamond ring. It’s not a big diamond pendant. It is a very sentimental diamond necklace… I call it my Bubbie (Grandma) necklace.

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At Glitters Fine Jewelry, we believe that each diamond represents a special moment. We would love to hear your ‘Diamond Story.’ In celebration of the month of diamonds, share your Diamond Story with us on either Facebook or Instagram and you will be entered to win a $200 gift card to Glitters. 
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All the Girls at Glitters Fine Jewelry  

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