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Spring Cleaning

No! Not the closets or the drawers or kitchen cabinets. Let’s talk about putting your “jewelry house in order.” Take a look at your jewelry wardrobe, deep into the bottom and corners of that jewelry box. Anything you haven’t worn in ages? What a waste!

If spring is the time of Mother Nature’s rebirth, then it’s Glitters’ time for jewelry rebirth. If you have diamonds just pining away, they can be re-incarnated into a brand new “glittering” treasure by our magical Robyn, wizard of (jewelry) “ahhs.”

Lost one of your favorite earrings? Turn the remaining one into a pendant or maybe a pin. Or, is there a pair of earrings you just never wear anymore? Some of them can very simply be made into jackets for your diamond, colored gem, or pearl studs.

Would you like a little color in your life? That old ring mounting you took that diamond out of takes on new life with a new color or pearl.

Take a small tennis bracelet, put it in a bracelet jacket or mount it on a wider bangle and all of a sudden, you have an important piece. Or, you can even re-mount the diamonds into a totally new bracelet.

We recently turned a never-worn ring into a slide to wear on a collar or chain. That never-worn piece might become a favorite if it just had a matching ring, earrings, bracelet or pendant. We can find a match or create it. But “creation” takes time (even God needed six days).

And, if none of the above remodeling ideas work for you, we’ll trade your jewels for that new gem that has just struck you with spring fever. So, first visit your jewelry box – then visit Glitters.

This article was written by Glitters' founder Diane, and reprinted from the archive.