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How to Avoid Online Scams


Which is riskier, buying jewelry from a city street vendor or from an on-line source? Surprisingly, there might not be much difference.

Online auctions and jewelry websites have made it easier than ever for buyers to find exactly what they want, but they’ve also made it easier for unscrupulous sellers to take advantage of them. Just like street salesmen, on-line vendors have been known to sell illegitimate items and misrepresent quality or value; they’re also in a unique position to disappear after collecting money for items that on’t even exist.

This isn’t to say that fine jewelry can’t be purchased online. But caution is paramount.

The rules of online shopping say: Look for reputable jewelry stores that provide clear, detailed photographs, as well as comprehensive information about quality, style,  carat & karat weight, etc.

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This article was written by Glitters' founder Diane, and reprinted from the archive.